Client Comments

2019 Matt Nicholl, Minneapolis, MN

Thanks to you, Fran and staff for a very special week.  Everyone had a great time.  The Chilean landscape, lodge and staff, guides, river ocean and lake made for a unique experience.
Your effort to make everything run seamlessly was appreciated.  A lot of moving parts with groups arriving at dufferent times in Puerto Montt, shuttling back and forth to Lake Yelcho, guides, food equipment (hover lines and Nautilus reels) etc.
It is a very special lodge and setting.  Need to plan next outing.

2019 Will Nicholl, Minneapolis, MN

We all had a wonderful week down there and can't wait to visit again (even if it's raining)! Glad that you enjoyed the video. Of course you can use the video on the website.

2019 Tom Holtz, Minneapolis, MN

Thanks so much for a wonderful time! It was great to meet you and Fran and I look forward to seeing you again at some point this year.

2019 Ed Holtz, Minneapolis, MN

Thanks so much Steve for a wonderful trip.  Even though we missed the good weather, we totally enjoyed the experience.  Thank you also for all the tips to help me catch that elusive muskie on a fly.  When I land that guy, you're on the lost to get a picture.
Give my best to Fran and thanks again for a wonderful trip!

2019 John Sallaway DVM, Ontario/Canada

Just wanted to thank you and Fran for a great time.  Review of pictures doesn't do justice to the beauty.  Had a wonderful trip.

2019 Wm. Potter, Sun Valley, ID

Your operation is truely magical.  Not only for the fishery's quality but for the quantity as well.  The landscape cannot be surpassed.  Throw in your staff's hospitality and our friendship we have a winner.
Stay well and in touch while you enjoy your special place on this planet.  Let's see what 2019 brings for both of us. I really enjoy the place and would enjoy returning with buddies.

2019 Sgt Major Calvin Boersma, Virginia

As I shared the photos of our trip with all my friends and family I was able to reflect back on our time in Chile.  It was truly an amazing experience.  It was such a pleasure to fish with all of you and get to know you.  I hope the rest of you enjoyed the trip as much as I did.  Take care , until the next time.

2019 Micheal Pare, Tampa, FL

I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to fish with you and learn your techniques while staying at your lodge.  To say that a vacation at Puma Fishing was a surreal experience is an understatement.  I'm never going to forget this trip, and it is quite possible that I may spend the rest of my life chasing a unicorn trying to match a vacation experience of the caliber that you provided.  Thank you so much for your hospitality and your patience in teaching a rookie like me how to fly fish.  I will definitely make my way back to Puma Fishing if I can on my own in the future.  If there is any way I can help you promote your business or give a stellar testimonial, I would be delighted to oblige.  Please extend my warmest thanks to Fran, Patricio, Nicole, and the rest of the staff for contributing to the magic there.  It was an honor and a privilege to be your guest! Thank you !!

2019 Gerry Wendrovsky, New York, NY

It will be a fishing phrase for a while - "no knife for a gunfight"
(referring to his battle with a monster brown in the river using a 6 wt.)

2019 Mike and Mary Chovanes, Allentown, PA

A truly amazing trip of a lifetime and a wonderful honeymoon!

2019 Steve Shahinian, Lexington, Ky,

Thanks again for a great time and please tell everyone hello.  Thanks to you and Fran for taking such good care of me, Mile and Mary.

2019 Jon Dee DVM, Hollywood, FL

Really enjoyed our Chile adventure and your fishing company as always.

2019 Tom Tribolet, San Miguel Allende, Mexico

Fishing was good, all dry-fly fishing and a lot of fun.  Thank you, Fran, guides and house employees for a great trip especially under my health condition.  I appreciated your concern and thank you for everything.

2019 Huw Llewellyn, Ontario/Canada

Once again Steve and Fran, thank you for a magnificent trip, I am so lucky to be able to have such good friends and fish in the magnificent natural beauty of area, catching fish is a bonus. Thanks again.

2018 Tom Tribolet, San Miquel Allende, Mexico

The rainbow fishing was the best this year, I also caught a nice brown.  A couple of Rainbows over 10 lbs were caught and most were over 3 lb.

2018 Jon Dee DVM, Hollywood, FL

Talked to Ken Moorish (Fly Water Travel) today and gave PUMA high marks

2018 Huw Llewellyn, Ontario/Canada

Thanks again for another great trip, Justin and Luc were ecstatic and I'm sure the tales will be repeated many times.

2018 Bud Mc Lean, King City, Ontario/Canada

One of the best fishing trips I have had.  I have put several trips together and found this to be easy to do and enjoyed by all the group.  The website is very complete and useful. 
The owner Steve Selway was very helpful looking after arranging our flights from Santiago to the lodge, Air Canada changed our flights and Steve looked after changing our flight from Santiago.
Upon arrival everything was well looked after and explained.  Steve was very helpful making sure we all lhad the correct equipment and had a large selection of flies to choose from, even got me non-alcoholic beer as I requested.
The lodge is wonderful with all the amenities and terrific meals, we enjoyed great fishing both on Yelcho Lake and the Yelcho River: large, active rainbows and browns; the scenery is spectacular.
We fished 3 days on Yelcho Lake staying on Puma II and 4 days on Yelcho River staying at the lodge.
All our group had a wonderful time, we were well looked after at all times, Steve and his staff went out of their way to make sure our trip was very enjoyable.
I recommend Puma Lodge to everyone who want a total enjoyable fishing trip.
I was so pleased I am going back in March with my wife.

2017 Bill  & Vicki Mitchell, California 

Puma Lodge is indeed a special place, owned and run by Steve Selway, who is a great host.  I've been going there on and off for 20 years.  We were there in February this year.  The saltwater opportunities at Puma are a relatively new development, but the dry fly action for very large trout on Yelcho is (IMHO) among the best in the world.
It was a great trip.  I've traveled a fair bit over my 75 years and have chased trout in most all of the usual places on the planet, including 14 trips to Patagonia (both Chile and Argentina).  We chose to return to Yelcho because, over those many fishing years, I have never found so many consistently hugh trout in one location.  Period.  And though I think I have completed my world wide fly fishing bucket list, Yelcho has been a rare repeat visit.  On this trip, in spite of a spate of nasty weather, you and Yelcho did not disappoint.  My group had a fantastic time. You and Fran were the ultimate hosts, caring for our every need.  The food and accommodations were superb.  Clearly, you are a perfectionist, at every level, and I still marvel at the assortment of tackle and flies you have on hand.  I will certainly recommend Puma Fly Fishing (Puma Fishing Ltda.) to all I encounter in my travels.  Our best to Patricio, Federico and Juan Pablo for their herculean guiding.  Let's keep in touch.

2017 Huw Llewllyn, Ontario/Canada

Thank you for another great trip, the lack of salmon did not affect my annual fantastic Chilean experience.  I was telling guys at the airport about what a great time I had, unfortunately my camera battery was dead so that I could not make them drool.  I did however tell them about the ocean fishing that Puma Flyfishing (Puma Fishing Ltda.) offers and told them about the sea lion.  Strangely, I am watching on television a documentary about sea lions, they are decining in Alaska (we know where they went).  I also googled the Sierra Mackerel and they make excellent ceviche, I will make some next year.  Thank you again my friend, another amazing experience burned into the hard drive of my memory.

and sent to Dan Blanton's Blog:

I recently returned from my annual pilgrimage to Chilean Patagonia to fish at Puma Flyfishing (Puma Fishing ltda) Lodge.  My intention was to try and land on of the massive Chinooks that enter the Yelcho River at this time of year, the IGFA record was caught here last year, 87 lb. but bigger fish have been seen.  The salmon run this year was not typical, there were many fish in Chaiten bay but few in the river.  The possible reasons were, high water earlier, la nina, or the salmon infectious anemia of a few years ago (fish farms).  I did get one bright fish about 25 lb., but there were very few fish moving.  The trout  fishing in Yelcho lake was as good as usual but being late in the season the dry fly activity was reduced unlike the spectacular action earlier in the season.  I had tied some "booby" flys, which are very successful in British lakes (so much that they are banned in some lakes, and the fish tend to swallow them deeply).  I can attest that they work very well in Chile also, the fish mashing the fly, nothing subtle!!  The trout fishing in the Yelcho river was good as usual for both Browns and Rainbows, but owing to the scarcity of salmon we tried something new, going downstream in the boats to the ocean to fish for Pacific Blue Fin Tuna and Sierra Mackerel.
This was an amazing experience, the fish were feeding on huge numbers of sardines that they herded into bait balls,  The feeding frenzy was incredible, with sardines leaping out of the water, the fish slashing through them, and the birds picking off injured fish, it was mayhem!!  I always try and film my trips so that I can give presentations at local fly shops and angling clubs, but in this instance I was too  caught up in the excitement and was too busy casting into the boiling water.  I did film the sardines in the water and on the replay the most obvious part of the fish were the eyes.  I have already tied a bunch for the next year with obvious eyes.
Fish farming is a hugh industry in these parts and as a result sea lions are plentiful, eating escapees.  I have lost many fish to 'cudas and sharks in other parts of the world, but losing a fish to a sea lion was a first ( I also lost the fly line as the backing got tangled in a length of rope in the water).  My friend caught the IGFA Sierra (Snake) Mackerel pending, on a fly he tied by himself, (under my guidance, I get an assist!!) the night before.  This was his first attempt at fly tying so he was particularly proud of his accomplishment.  
I cannot wait to go back next year and give the tuna a sardine sandwich!!! 

2017 Bruce Jackson, Maryland

Thank you both so much for a wonderful trip, it was just as I had remembered it from a couple of years ago.  Excellent in every way from the fishing to the food but most importantly the people.  Your guides and lodge staff do you credit, a pleasure to be with.  Managed my first King Salmon  and first Sierra Mackerel (actually Snake Mackerel) which might prove to be a record.  Great to be fishing with Huw as well, a terrific fishing partner.  I hope the new salmon river was a success and you have no further sea lion encounters.  Thanks again for a great time & please give my best to everyone.

 2017 Jim Peddie, California

The March 2017 Puma Lodge fishing trip was my fourth trip to fish Yelcho Lake andRiver and with excellent weather one day of fishing Pacific off shore waters.  Without equivocation this was the best trip I have had at the Puma Lodge.  The trout, both Browns and Rainbows were, as a whole larger and more numerous.  I went on this trip hoping to catch a personal best trophy Brown trout, and I did it.  This is not to say the Rainbows were not big healthy fish as well.  When we moved from fishing the lake into fishing the river the target fish changed to salmon.  My fishing partner and I each caught and released 3, all being in the 15 kilo plus weight range.  We were also hooked up on several others that did no make it into the net.  Our last day of fishing was blessed with clear skys and calm winds and a new game plan.  Taking the two 16 ft aluminum skiffs we ran down the river to the ocean and then serveral kilometers down the coast to a group of off shore islands where we began chasing bird feeding activity and casting to boils on the surface. We began catching Blue Fin Tuna (actually Slender Tuna), 10-12 kilo size and Sierra Mackerel (actually Snake Mackerel), a wahoo like fish 3 to 4 feet in length also weighing 10-12 kilo.  What a hoot!  Catching these species known for their speed and sheer fighting power using trout fishing equipment.  Between my Partner, who had the hot rod for the tuna and I we boated 9 Blue Fin Tuna and lost a bunch more.  The Sierra's prefered my rod and although we were releasing all of those I am certain we caught a similar number of those as well.  The icing on the day fishing on the ocean was fishing with the penguins, they were all around us.  This was the fishing trip everyone dreams about.

2017 Todd Hughes DVM, California

Thanks again. It really was a trip of a lifetime!

2017  Rich and Vivian Roth, California

We too are experiencing some depression from having to leave such a special place with such wonderful people.  Again please accept a personal and sincere thank you from Viavian and me for a wonderful time.  I know the weather presented special challenges and was no cake walk for you and your staff.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
2017  Art & Mary Goodsel, Kansas/California/South Dakota

Thanks for having us.  We enjoyed the fishing and the lively conversations. Good Times!

2016   Eric Buatois, California

I need to thank you so much for the fabulous fishing experience of last week. We had a great time, great fishing, great discover of the beauty of Patagoni .. I liked a lot the balance between the boat on the lake and the river fishing experience. Thank you so much for bringing me with you for the salmon fishing.. I will never forget this incredible hour of fishing with three salmons landed !!!!!

 2016 Dr Roger Harper, Washington

Steve: and Fran (and the rest of the crew):  
Wanted to thank you both for hosting us at your place. Very enjoyable time and I just love your country down there. Hope to return some day as I would very much like to also experience those bows/steelhead; especially on the dry. Thanks again,
Roger Harper

 2016 Dr Nathan Mayl, Florida

 I want to thank u and all for:
Being wonderful hosts and hostess
Being extremely patient with a fly fisher whose skills for trout needed some serious help
Providing a varied and resourceful trip as conditions changed
Going the extra length to fill the spaces about us with very capable and interesting anglers who all went out of their way to create a great trip for all of us
A great staff who worked harder to fill in for the pieces that came apart (cook, weather, fish) and really were the most pleasant and creative guides and crew I have ever been hosted by. I wish I could have diligent staff like them in the U.S.
Having selected one of the most scenic areas I have ever been to. (That includes a world of travel in five continents.)
And finally for providing for me the fly that let me fool that 40lb King Salmon.
I can endorse you and the Puma operation without hesitation.
I look forward to repeating it.
Regards to all.

 2016  Bill Potter (Healing Waters/R 4 Alliance),  California & Idaho

  Few things are more irritating after flight delays and cancellations than to finally arrive at your destination to find that your checked luggage did not follow you. (ALL HAPPENED IN THE USA)

Such was the case when 5 military and fishing Veterans ventured to Puma Fishing outside of Chaiten, Chile on a Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing adventure. But when host Steven Selway and his crew met Lewis Runnion (Desert Shield), David Booth (Desert Storm), Afghanistan CMH recipient Kyle White, Steve Rose and Bill Potter (Vietnam) at the new airport terminal all the travel nonsense was forgotten. Whatever gear that was missing he immediately convinced us he could furnish. After a 35 minute ride to his 65' mother ship Puma II docked on Lago Yelcho and a quick inventory of what was needed he did precisely that. We were on the water for our first session in the matter of minutes.

While March streamer hookups were more productive selected top offerings were possible too. We spent 3 days fishing from skiffs moored to Puma II and then transferred to the Rio Yelcho based lodge for the final 3 days fishing the river from river skiffs and wading the Rio Blanco. Salmon were working their way up the rivers but we found that overrated when compared to the big Browns, Rainbows and Steelhead willing to take properly presented offerings.

The fishing, lodging and culinary experiences were world class. Can't wait to return next year.

William S. Potter
R4 Alliance


             "Thanks for the Puma Lodge hospitality & fishing.  Larry, Barry and I all
               had a great time & happy with the quality of Chilean trout & the 
               possibility of catching salmon.  They were very impressed with the 
               country &your complete operation."
            " Steve's Puma Fishing is ahead of the curve and I recommend it strongly"


             Many thanks for great week!  Good weather, good company, good food, 
              good scenery, good equipment, good lodging and, of course, good
              Thinking back about the highlights, I really enjoyed the three different 
              fishing situations: big trout in the lake; big trout in the river; and really 
              big salmon in the river.  Having the choice to go for either trout or 
              salmon on the river was especially nice as one could switch back and 
              forth as the conditions and mind-set varied.  I know that Kitsi really
              enjoyed the additional options of either fly fishing or spinning.
              I also appreciated the personal involvement of the host & hostess
              in our activities and the special effort made to provide sufficient good
              red wine for our thirsty team.  In addition, the morning fire in the fire-
              place was a welcome beacon in the lodge.  
              We'll be back and this time I'll bring some stronger line for that meter-
              plus brown sporting a green Bluefox spinner in his lower lip!"


                "My heartfelt thanks to you for sharing your slice of paradise and to you
               and your staff for providing me the fishing trip of a lifetime.  At the
               outset, you suggested that I would likely catch my personal best for 3
               species and so it eventuated.  
              Your fishing waters can probably not be beaten in terms of the variety
              and quality of the available fish. And your facilities and staff maximize
              the chances of realizing on the availiable potential.
             All the best for the future and I look forward to hearing about you 
              catching that 130 cm Chinook that we both know is a real probability."


             "We had a great time with you on the boat and at the lodge.  We would
              love to return as I bet with better weather the scenery and fishing
              are even more spectacular.  You have a special place down there."


                 "Man what a trip!  Good times! Thanks for sharing your top notch
                 lodge with us.  I can't speak for the rest , but this was my best trip
                 of a lifetime thus far.  Great job!"


              "I cannot describe to you how much I enjoyed the trip to Chile and 
              your lodge.  You weren't very happy with the fishing but I found it
              amazing.  Your guides were very patient with me and generally put
              me in a position to catch as many fish as possible.  I'm not a 
              seasoned traveler like some of you but I would do it again in a 
              heartbeat.  I really appreciated you and Fran's hospitality as you
              made me feel right at home and made everything very comfortable.
              The food and wine were delicious. "


              "Thank you very much for a great vacation.  I can't wait to get up to the 
               Sierra's to see what I picked up on my fly fishing.  Todd just sent some
               pictures and along with my pictures have brought back great 
               memories, beautiful place and great fishing;  as for the rain, that didn't
               really slow us down.  I never got cold or wet under the jacket.  Thank
               goodness you told me to try the zippered boots;  they worked great.  
               Special thank you for fishing with me every day; that was special.  
              A lot of people got a kick out of me catching the King on a fly rod with a
              defective drag and the pole breaking.  I don't think that I could have
              told the story if I didn't get him in.  Todd is still in the clouds over that
              rainbow; not only the size but the fact that he almost spooled him.  
             Great place, great food, great hosts, and a great time.  Thanks"


               "Thank you for the great fishing trip.  I sure caught some large trout,
                but the Kings abused me this year.  Hopefully our health will be 
                good and I will whip the Kings next year.  A great group that you put 
                with -  as good as you would ever want to fish with."


               "I want to thank you and Fran for another great time.  On the way home
               I saw lots of people with rods and spoke to most of them.  None caught
               bigger trout nor salmon than I did -- even those that had fished the 
               Yelcho watershed from other lodges."


                "As always happens following trips to Puma Fishing, the stories, 
                 are already growing; the "Trip of a Life Time" comments are flowing,
                 and there are many pictures of fish gasping for O2 from their normal
                 habitate flooding the internet.  The group had a super time.  Thank 
                 you very much!"


              "As always, to be in the Puma and the lodge is one of the best 
              experiences that one can have.  We certainly will return to continue
              enjoying the wonder that is the Yelcho."


              "I returned to Puma Fishing to see if I could catch one of the King
               salmon that run at the end of Feburary (with my spey rod).  The
               fishing could not have been better, I landed many salmon in the 25-30 
               lb range and one of about 40 lb.  I hardly remember those because I
               had one that was at least 50 lb which unfortunately came unhooked
               just before landing.  These were all cauight on flies tied by myself,
               fly fishing does not get any better than this and I have fished in many 
               different locations.  The scenery is unbelievable, photographs do not do 
               it justice, there are glaciers, waterfalls, vertical mountains that go up
               thousands of feet and many, many more sights that leave you staring
               in awe at the majesty of nature.  The cherry on the top is the first class
               treatment and accommodations at the lodge and Puma 2, the
               magnificient mother ship. Catching those Kings was a thrill which I 
               dreamed of.  I have shown the photos and videos to loads of people
               already , everyone is amazed at the size of the fish.  I think that I
               should book my flight and the lodge now - I can't wait to go back."


               "We sure had a grand time.  I want to return to fish with you and
                 catch more of those large rainbows like I caught in the lake on 
                 the dry fly."


              "Thanks for a great trip. Please give my best to everyone at Puma."


               "Thank you again for your hospitality.  Its a beautiful set up and the 
                Yelcho fish are wonderful.  First class as always and everyone was 
                 in awe at there trip."


             " The Yelcho River flows 40 (actually about 50 miles of river)
             westward from 28 mile long Lago (lake) Yelcho.  Steve Selway's
             Puma Fishing Lodge, located on the Yelcho river, allows access to 
             some of the best (and most isolated) trout fishing in Patagonia.
             There is no road to the Lodge.  Rather, guests , luggage, and gear are 
             picked up in outboard equipped rafts (which double as drift boats)
             and run upstream on the Yelcho about 1/2 mile upstream of the Lodge.
             The main lodge is very well appointed, with comfortable dining and
             living areas, and a front deck that faces the river.  The front deck 
             includes a custom made hot tub, heated by a wood stove placed in
             the center of the hot tub.  A glass of wine and a good soak is a fine 
             prescription for whatever ails you after a hard day's fishing for very
             large rainbow and brown trout.  Accompanying the main lodge are two 
             very comfortable cabins, also with views of the river;  each with two
             beds, full bath, and small, but attractive wood stoves to stave off the 
             chill on cool evenings.  Lodge staff, all native Chileans with fair to
             excellent command of English, are meticulously attentive to guest's
             needs, often executing stealth visits to the cabin to straighten out 
             beds or stoke the wood stove fire.  I can remember sitting in the hot
             tub (with a glass of Chilean wine) watching 7 condors lazily circling the
             mountain directly across the river from the lodge - notingthat there 
             were no noises of any kind other than the sounds of the river running
             past us to the Pacific.
            A day on the river begins with a hot breakfast at the lodge at 8 a.m., 
            fishing the river in outboard outfitted rafts from 9 a.m. until 1 or 2 p.m.,
            a hot lunch back at the lodge around 2 p.m., a nap or wade fishing in the 
            river from 3-5 p.m., then 4 more hours drifting the river until 9 or 9:30 
           p.m. (it stays light until about 10 p.m.). In addition to brown and rainbow
           trout, Coho and King Salmon enter the river in February and March.
           Anchored in Lago Yelcho at the mouth of the Yelcho River is The Puma
           (Puma II), Puma Fishing Lodge's 60 ft long mother ship, from which 
           guests of Puma Fishing Lodge can fish the length and breadth of Lago
           Yelcho.  I've always considered myself a river fisherman, but Lago
           Yelcho is an unbelievably beautiful setting affording anglers unique
           access to the lake.  There are a few houses at the downstream end of 
           the lake, and an apparently abandoned former fishing lodge at the 
           other end, but the Puma offers accesss to fishing like no other.  The 
           Puma sleeps 6 plus crew.  We fished the lake from 3 skiffs that were 
           towed behind the Puma, and were fortunate enough to be there for the 
           dragonfly hatch.  Within one hour, our host Steve Selway, hooked a 24 lb.
           rainbow, and then a 32 lb rainbow, both on dry flies. I've been fly
           fishing for 40 years, and fished the lodge with 5 friends, most of whom 
          had been flyfishing decades.  All 6 of us caught the largest trout of our 
          lives on this trip.  I caught a 12 pound Brown trout on a wooly bugger, and 
          another 12 pound rainbow on a dragonfly imitation.  The rainbow was 
          about 3 feet above the surface of the lake when I set the hook, a first for 
          me.  The odd Atlantic Salmon, escapee from coastline salmon farming,
          can add a bit of spice to your trip as they are as acrobatic as any fish I've
          ever seen.  There are even steelhead in a river within an hour's drive from
          the lodge.

         I think you get the picture. If you are looking for comfort, solitude,
         beautiful scenery, and stout trout that like to play, Puma Fishing Lodge
         is the place to be.  The only warning I would give is that you should
         diet before you get there, because the chef-prepared meals (including 
         from a live wood-fired grill on the mother ship) are a delicious blend
        of exotic local seafood and more traditional fare, and you get three well 
        spaced shots at them, with tasty Chilean wine to boot.  I've been on a lot of 
        highly touted fishing trips that don't often meet expectations.  I've never
        seen the lodge advertised in any flyfishing magazines (I don't think Dr.
       Selway advertises), and I became aware of Puma Fishing Lodge through
      a friend.  I've been there twice in the last three years, and plan to return
      often.  I haven't included photos with this review, but if you go to the photo
      gallery at you'll see photos of the lodge, the 
      mothership, and trout like you've never seen before.


              "The trip was as billed, 1st class facilities, equipment and world class
               fishing.  I don't know where you can fish and have a good chance to
               catch Atlantic and Pacific Salmon, Steelhead, Rainbows, Browns,
              and brook trout in the same place.  We caught them all except the 
              Steelhead.  Maybe we had one of those on as we lost several big fish.  
             The Yelcho watershed looks like Jurassic Park -- magnificent 
             mountains, heavy forests, waterfalls and glaciers.
            For years my Argentine fishing friends had told me the best fishing was
           one the east side of the Andes -- and that is where I have fished.  
           That statement is almost laughable after my recent trip of                    
           nine days at Puma Fishing in the Yelcho watershed.  I don't know of any 
           other [fishing hole]  where you can catch large Rainbows, Browns,Brooks, 
           Steelhead, and Pacific and Atlantic salmon.  The action was continuous
          and we both caught double digit trout and salmon fresh from the sea."


              "Thank you for our wonderful vacation experience.  You keep a well
              run ship."


             "I got home without a hitch.  Just wanted to let you know I had a great
             time at Yelcho (Puma Fishing).  I truly enjoyed both the cottage and
             the PUMA experiences.  Scenery was drop dead beautiful.  I would like
             to return if you would let me have the first cast into the honey hole.  
            Thank you again for a most memorable vacation."

             "Thank you so very much for a wonderful time, I thoroughly enjoyed my 
             trip.  I am still in awe of the amazing scenery and geography, it makes 
            one realize where we stand in the grand scheme of things, (not much
            above the dragon flies).  The fishing was tremendous, Steve we caught at
            least 70 trout together one day, (the bad thing was you caught the 
            biggest), where else in the world could one do that.  The evening that we
            both caught hugh Brown trout was testimony to our persistence, who
            has caught 2 such fish weighing a combined 40+ lbs. in such difficult 
            conditions, not many.  It is burned in my hard drive, I will re live the
            evening to my dying day.

           The dry fly fishing was unique, to see the large trout leaping for the 
           dragon flies was like something from National Geographic, another
           memory which will never fade.  I'm sorry I had to resort to a type of fly 
           fishing which you thought was beneath the pale {multiple nymphs}, 
           but I did catch 4 large rainbows and I did see the rig on your line one
          Thanks you once again for a great time, I will return next year with a 
          spey rod for the Kings."


             " Severely in need of a fly fishing fix I opted for a trip to southern
              Chile with Puma Fishing as a paying guest.  The lodge and surrounding
              bungalows were first class spectacular although the first days of weather
              were challenging.  The fishing routine was similar to previous Chilean
              and Argentine adventures, with "two a day" outings.  Beginning with
              a hearty breakfast, fishing from ~8 am to 1 or 2 pm, then a lunch, glass
              of wine, siesta and out again from ~6 pm to dark, throwing mostly a dry
              fly or streamers.  In addition to the usual large rainbows and brown 
              trout a King salmon and a world record Coho were brought to the boat 
              (measured, weighed, photographed and submitting a fish scale for 
              additional documentation).  This area is the "land of the giants" 
(rainbows and browns to twenty pounds).  Our guide - Patricio was
              superb and philosophically he needed to see a "face in the net" as much
              much if not more than we did.  

             After the first days of fishing from rubber rafts from the lodge we
             motored on the new (2 - 3 year old luxurious mother ship Puma II,
             to the far end of Lago Yelcho where the weather, scenery and fishing 
            greatly improved.  The weather was now spectacular and our use of 
            dragonfly dry flys increased.  The fishing was from comfortable skiffs.
            We fished long and hard in spite of the fact that due to an acute disc
            flare up I sat in a chair in the back of the skiff when stripping line and
            stood only to cast.  Which unfortunately seemed to have a negative
           effect on my successful landings of several fish.  

           Historically, I am a fit seventy year old seasoned traveler, but was 
           traveling alone, to a new destination, don't speak the language and
           because of the "back issues"  looked more like a victum than a robust
          outdoorsman.  No problems --- everything (Miami, Santiago, Puerto
          Montt (La Paloma), Chaiten and transfers) went smoothly and without
          a hitch due to the coordinated efforts of my host and/or their 

         The lodge and the mother-ship accommodations were great, including
         a wood burning outdoor hot tub, great wine and meals that included
         steak, stone crabs and salmon.  The area is remote, pristine, serene,
         and spectacularly beautiful  -- yet fishermen were rare.

         It requires a "bit" of travel to make a Chilean trip -- but the same can be
         said of trips to Argentina, Kamchatka, Alaska, New Zealand, British
         Columbia, Gaspe, Christmas Island, etc.. The question is: Is it worth it? 
         --- for me the answer has always been a resounding YES!  They are all a 
        bit of an adventure plus the opportunity for some great fishing.  Highly
        recommended.  Thanks for the opportunity."


              "Most of the fishing I do is in Wyoming and Montana and is timed for dry
              fly fishing to rising fish.  I have been fortunate to fish some rivers with
              some pretty fair sized rainbows and browns, but I have never seen trout
              like I saw at the Puma Fishing Lodge.  I echo the reviews I have read 
              above.  I will not repeat what I read from others but agree with it all.
              This is a special trip. My two brothers and I and 3 other friends had the 
              great pleasure of fishing the Yelcho River and Lake Yelcho with the folks 
              from Puma Fishing for a week in January , 2012.  The weather was great 
             and the fishing was wonderful.  Virtually every person in the trip caught 
             the biggest trout they had ever caught anywhere, except one person 
             who had caught the biggest trout of his life on a prior trip to the Puma
             Fishing Lodge.  The food was terrific, the views spectacular and the 
             guides hardworking, knowledgeable and friendly.  The accommodations
             were very comfortable both at the Lodge and on the boat (PumaII) on   
             the lake.  We spent 3 days at the lodge fishing the Yelcho River and 4 
             days on the lake.  The fishing in both places was excellent, with both dry 
            fly and streamer action on the river and almost exclusively dry fly action 
            on the lake.  The fish on the lake were taking dragon fly patterns and 
            when they did, they did they came soaring out of the water.  There was
            no sipping involved.  The lake fishing was a sight to see as there were
           big rainbows and browns flying out of the water.  At times it felt like
           "whack a mole".  You would see a hugh trout fly out of the water 
           devouring a dragon fly and no soomer did you cast to the vicinity of
           that fish, than another fish would come flyiing out of the water on the
           other side of the boat.  And they were big, in the 4 to 12 lb range.  Most of 
           what I caught were from 22 - 27 inches  and fat.  Others in our group
           caught a few larger fish.  We had a wider variety of sizw on the river.  
           In both places it was mostly rainbows interspersed with some browns.  
           All in all it was a classic trip.  The Selways were wonderful hosts and run
           a very tight ship, having thought of everything, making local travel 
           arrangements, arranging for us to be met at the airports, and even 
           having one of their agents divert a plane to the larger airport at Puerto
          Montt when the local flight from Santa Barbara was running late making
          return connections tight.  We started by fishing the Yelcho River for 3
          days embarking by mororized rafts each day, then fishing 4 days from 
          wooden or fiberglass boats launched off a houseboat on the lake.  Both 
          were great.  The lodge is very confortable as is the houseboat.  The food
          was terrific, as was the local wine and both were much better than I 
          expected.  I gained a bit of weight, but it was worth it.  This trip is all 
         about fishing, but the scenery is also spectacular with great views of 
         mountains and glaciers.  Pictures do not do the scenery justice.  It is like
         Glacier National Park on steroids.  It was a great trip which I highly


              "The detail from others is right on the money.  I can only add that
              if you are giving any thought to a fly fishing adventure that is unlike
              any I've had in terms of quality dry fly fishing for truly huge trout,
              not only is the Yelcho River the place to try, but doing it with 
              Steve Selway's Puma Fishing Lodge is absolutely the best decision
              you can make! I cannot say enough with respect to the first rate 
              service, food attention to any and all needs.  Based on the level of 
              overall quality, while not inexpensive, he trip may be one of the better
             values in high end fly fishing anywhere in the world."


             "I am writing to thank you for hosting a great trip for our sixsome.
             Everyone had a great time and the fishing was stellar.  Your staff was
             really on the ball and they really have been well trained to take care
            of their sport.  One gets the sense that they don't know how good a fishery
            they have down there.  I have to admit getting there was a pain in the ass
            (literally), but once there, everything was terrific and I want to make 
            you know that.  I have a bucket list of places in the world I want to see 
            and fish, and I'm not done with the list, but at some point I'd like to
           revisit Chilean Patagonia.  The physical beauty of the place is unique
           and reminds me sonehow of Jurassic Park.  Giant fish eating giant flies.
          One morning my brother,  Steve and I went out to fish early and off in
          the distance I saw a couple of giant black necked swans.  Larger than any
          swans I had ever seen before.  I wasn't sure if they were really that big
          or if Louis had put something in my coffee.  Steve suggested they may be
         cows with beaks, but I wasn't having any of it. 

         In a word I wanted to write and express how satisfied I was with the trip.
         It's a spectacular location and you run a first class operation. Thank you


Few fishermen used to list Chile as one of the finest trout and salmon fly 
            fishing countries on earth. But, Chile should be on every serious fly
            fisherman's "bucket list".  Sport fishing is not exceptional everywhere in 
            Chile but if you venture to the southern third of the country, to the 
            area called the Patagonia, where Glacial lakes connect by rivers to the 
            Pacific Ocean, the trout and salmon fishing is spectacular.
            One such place is on Lago (Lake) Yelcho and Rio (River) Yelcho south
            of Puerto Montt  near a town called Chaiten.  There, years ago an avid 
            fisherman,  Steve Selway, discovered and fell in love with this uniquely
            beautiful place and the abundant fish that populate the lake and river
            system.  Steve has now made it possible for others to enjoy quality 
            fishing in this remote, picturesque, snow capped mountain setting where, 
            if you listen carefully you can hear nearby glaciers calving and see giant
            trout leaping out of the water.  He has a brand new 60 foot boat "Puma II
            that can accommodate 6 anglers on the lake in total comfort.  The 
            accommodations at the lodge are very pleasant and the staff is dedicated 
            to insuring guests are completely satisfied during their stay.  I urge you 
            to split your time between the lake and the river.  
            You will be presented gourmet meals and fine Chilean wines. You will fish 
            with knowledgeable local guides and guides from the USA who enjoy 
            their roles, know the lake and river system and want you to leave with a
            promise to return to this magical spot very soon.
            I have traveled to "Puma Fishing" on 4 occasions over the last decade.  
            My wife, who fishes with lures, has accompanied me on 2 trips.  Bonnie 
            and I haven't caught a world record fish in Chile but we have caught
            more and bigger trout than anywhere else we have fished.  Some of the 
            fish we have ccaught are displayed on the "Puma Fishing" website.
            Chile has a thriving economy with a proud culture.  The people are 
            friendly and travel is very safe with superior airlines rivaling the best
            in the world.  
            Are Bonnie and I going back to "Puma Fishing" soon?  You bet we are.  If 
            I can assist you making plans to fish with Steve please do not hesitate
            to call me at 484-769-7393 or email at:  
   Maybe we will see you there.


             "I have been fortunate to be able to fish in some wonderful locations
             over the past several years.  My experience at Puma matches or 
             surpasses all of them.  The food, accommodations and hospitality
             were only surpassed by the scenery and most importantly the 
             incredible fishing.  The fishing was nothing short of spectacular. "

              "This was a trip of a lifetime for me.  I am an avid fly fishing person
               and have fished the western USA, including Alaska.  The opportunity 
               for me to go to the Chilean Patagonia and fish in beautiful 
               surroundings on both river and lake was the best fishing experience of 
               my lifetime.  The fact that I caught a hugh trout (over 20 lb.) on a 
               streamer fly was just the icing on the cake.

              The trip involved 4 legs of air travel.  The lodge provided support from 
              Santiago to the lodge with people meeting each flight and transport to 
              the lodge.  That in itself was wonderful for a person that is saddled with
              only one language (English). The lodge is remote and only approached 
              by boat from the river.  A team of exen transport your luggage to the
              lodge where I stayed.  There are individual cabins at the lodge as well.  
              The fireplace was going and food was wonderful.  Everything was 
              cooked on a wood stove and a generator provided electricity with 
              back up batteries for electricity use at night.  You never realized that
              you were off the grid.  After about 20 hours traveling, I deposited my
              luggage into my room, found a guide and went fishing an hour or so
              before dinner.  Never was a problem catching fish the whole trip and
              the surroundings were breathtaking.  I fished every one of the 10 days
              I was there.  After fishing on the river for about half of my stay, we 
              went to the Yelcho Lake by little boats and stayed on the floating 
              lodge - mothership and fished on the lake.  The mothership would find
              a spot, anchor and the fishing parties would go out in small boats.  Most 
              of the fishing was with streamer flies and a sinking line while I was there.
              There were a couple of days of dry flies on top, which is my favorite.  
              One of the problems fishing this area was that the scenery was so
              spectacular that you found yourself looking around and missing the 
              strikes while fishing.  Sometimes I just spent time looking.  

              The Lodge's website tells the story better than I can,
              ( but the experience of being there is one that I 
              will never forget.  A memorable trip."



             "I didn't keep a taly of the fish caught, but I feel confident in saying that 
              in 6 days of fishing I caught between 125 and 150+ trout with 9 between
              10-20 lb. each!  Without a doubt the best trout fishing I have ever had!".


              "Steve Selway's Puma Fishiing was my first flyfishing experience south of
               the equator, but it won't be my last.  I've fished for trout throughout the
               United States for over 40 years , but I've never seen the number of 
               truly hugh trout that I saw fishing with Puma last December.  In my first 
               ten minutes on the Rio Yelcho I landed a 5 lb brown trout, and within 
               30 minutes of wetting a line in the lake (lake Yelcho) I hooked and 
               landed a 12 lb. brown trout.  Everyone in our party hooked good fish
               every day, and probably would have done better if we weren't so busy 
               checking out the amazing scenery.  What was nearly as extraordinary
               as the fishing was the Puma team's great food, attention to detail, and
               willingness to adapt very quickly to changing fishing conditions. If I 
               were not a manly man I might admit to the romance evinced by the
               aroma of a fine meal being prepared on the wood stove by Puma's
               top-class full time chef while sampling fine Chilean wine and cruising 
               to a new location on Lago Yelcho at sunset.  The Puma was very 
               comfortable on the lake , and the lodge and cabins on the river were
               downright luxurious.  Two-angler cabins, each with its own wood stove 
               kept lit by unseen gnomes in the cook evenings, together with a cool 
               beverage in a hot tub before dinner at the main lodge.  It's admittedly a 
               long ride to Chaiten, Chile from my home in Lexington, Kentucky, but
               I was instantly refreshed and ready to rock and roll once I saw the 

               "We had a great time with you, thank you very much.  The lodge is 
                 wonderful and we will definitely recommend it to other people.  Also
                  we would love to come back."

                                                         TEMPLEFORK RODS , etc]     COLORADO
                  " Guy and I really enjoyed our trip to the PUMA LODGE and aboard 
                  the PUMA mothership in Chile in February.Although the weather 
                  didn't cooperate every day, the accomodations, the PUMA mother-
                  ship, the PUMA LODGE, your knowledgeable and friendly staff and 
                  guides were first cleass.  You run a quality operation that I would not
                  hesitate to recommend to anyone, and I am hoping to return for some
                  of that fabled dragon fly fishing next December.  

                 Our last day of streamer fishing on the lake was really good; it had to 
                 be some of the best lake, trout fishing I have ever had.

                 Thanks again for your great hospitality and to Patricio and Juan Pablo
                 and the rest of your staff for their hard work and effort on our behalf."


                 "The fishing at PUMA LODGE is incredible.  We were limited to three
                  days of fishiing because of a major storm interfering with air travel
                   to the facilities, however on two of the days I caught "grand slams"
                  which is a trophy sized fish of each of the three major species of trout,
                  rainbow, brown, and brook trout.  On the third day in addition to the 
                 40 to 50 trout which I caught and released I caught a migrating 
                 salmon which our guide stated was a 20 - 22 kilo (about 45 - 50 lb)
                 fish.  This fish was so big that it would not fit in the net and had to be
                 hand picked out of the water.  What an experience, you spend a day
                 catching quality fish on light tackle and then return to lovely accom-
                 modations, a good meal and fine wines that evening; and repeat it 
                again the next day."

               ETC.)  FLORIDA

              "Just wanted to compliment you and your highly respected staff at 
               PUMA FISHING for the superb facilities and excellence in service
               provided during my recent visit. There are very few opportunities 
               in the world to experience the luxury of fishing from a mother-ship
              capable of covering vast areas of open water leaving short trips by skiffs
              to some of Chile's most pristine trout waters.  The fishing for Rainbows 
              and Browns was by far the best I have experienced world wide. Weather
              complicated our fishing, however, the PUMA II mother-ship was always
              within minutes to escape inclement weather.  Couple all this along with 
              the land based PUMA LODGE and you have the most quintessential 
             fishing trip of a life time.  The cuisine was 5 star and mixes Chile's local
             wineries and abundant seafood.  I look forward to returning this 
             December.  Thanks again for the wonderful experience."


               "Comments on Chile:  PUMA II - modern, comfortable boat to cruise 
               Lake Yelcho and take in the spectacular scenery of the glaciers and
               temperate rain forest.  Great fishing of the lake and river---lots of 
               action ... large rainbows and brown trout, as well as King salmon. 
               Exciting to pull on a 10 or 12 lb trout on light tackle.  Beautiful lodge
               on the banks of the Yelcho River with the shear granite walls across
               the river, and an attentive, hard working staff, providing great service."


"I have taken three trips to your lodges at Rio Yelcho and Lago Yelcho and each trip has surpassed the others.  I fins the fishing to be getting better each year with huge Browns lurking in the river and tremendous Rainbows in the lake.  Watching a 10 pound Rainbow taking a dry fly is truly an amazing experience.  The scenery is breathtaking and the fishing superb.  This watershed is truly spectacular."


"A couple of weeks ago a group of friends and myself spent four days in your lodge at Rio Yelcho.  We have been doing this for almost 20 year, sometimes twice a year, and I have to tell you that  the level of service is as good as ever.  To be sincere with you we had some concerns that the change of management could affect the service, but Patricio Soto is demonstrating that he is very capable of running the lodge and the only thing that we are missing is him as a guide.  We were very happy to know that La Puma is about to "resurrect" and we are waiting to be one of the first groups to be in the new boat.  

We know that having a lodge is not easy, but we encourage you to keep going and to continue to give us the chance to enjoy such a wonderful place.

P.D. I enclose a picture of a couple of Chinooks that were caught by two of our friends (28 pounds each)."


"Having fished together on a number of occasions, we both know that describing ourselves as enthusiastic fishermen would be an understatement; fanatics is the term that best fits our level of mania.  Over the years I have fished rivers, lakes, and salt throughout the United States (including Alaska), plus many fine destinations in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, New Zealand, and Ireland.  Of those destinations, my favorite by far for trout is Patagonia, and I consider the Yelcho watershed to be the creme of the crop.

My first visit to Puma Lodge was in November  1998, and although I regret your absence on that occasion, the trip was fantastic and still lingers in my memory.  Your guide from Montana (Kurt) and I fished alone for two days in the sun and the rain, catching several great fish up to 10 lbs and many others before Johnny Sikura arrived to join me and round out another four days of incredible fishing.

I have since returned on three occasions; Johnny on two.  We have never been disappointed.  On my last trip in November 2007, I was accompanied by wife Teresa (a non-fisher person), who is now as enthusiastic about a return trip as am I.  She found the land, fauna, the culture, the accommodations, the staff, the food, and the towns of Chaiten and Puerto Montt enchanting, and greatly enjoyed the two days spent in Santiago on the way home.  For me everything else pales besides the fishing, which does not seem to have deteriorated since 1998.  The lake and the river hold trophy fish, which now includes a good Chinook salmon run, and the day trips to coastal rivers and small lakes are a delight.

As you can see, I have saved The Puma for last.  What a sad day when she was scuttled.  What a great anticipation of her replacement.  The fishing in the Bahia Leones, in the rushes on the Upper Lago, and in the solitude of the Lower Futaleufu (big fish) was magnificent, and the great times spent with you and our colleagues in the cozy comfort of The Puma after long days on the water stand out as a high point of my fishing odyssey.  I know this is supposed to be a testimonial for the lodge, but I can't help taking the opportunity to thank you and Fran for all the great times."


"My wife and I peered out of the windows on the twin engine prop plane, the fourth in twenty hours, at the then dormant volcanic peaks protruding from the clouds as we descended into the village of Chaiten near the final leg of our trip to Puma Lodge.  We loaded our gear onto the back of small pickups and stuffed ourselves into the cab for the 25 mile drive to the River Yelcho.  We could begin to see the massive steep walled mountains in back of the small ranches on the first fifteen miles and then we turned down a dirt road that eventually transformed into a rough four wheel path carved from six feet of topsoil and ancient loam.  The jungle was amazingly thick with growth between massive hardwood trees and windfall.  A few more miles and we were at the edge of the Rio Yelcho where an oxen cart waited to take our bags and plod through a jungle path to the lodge.  The river banks were covered with velvet like grass for about two hundred feet into the forest where feral pigs and cows were grazing.  The final gasp was in a rubber raft with a small outboard motor two miles upriver to the lodge. 

The world opened to some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth;  glacier parted mountains with waterfalls everywhere and the tips of huge hardwood trees.  Nestled on the banks of the River was Puma Lodge with two small cabins flanking.  When we walked into our cabin there was already a warm fire in the dome shaped earthen fireplace in the corner.  The cabin was comfortably crafted with a surprisingly large bathroom and a view of the river.  It was attended to constantly (even the fire) by seemingly invisible staff.  The rustic lodge was spacious and warm and decorated and appointed with large couches, fishing art and memorabillia and a large communal dining area.  The most impressive aspect was that it was obviously hand crafted with native hardwoods including the doors, windows and moldings.  It is always a special treat to abandon any sign of our typical synthetic surroundings.

The fishing was immediate, with our own guides at our beckon call seemingly twenty four hours a day for the entire stay.  Even though exhausted from the travel, we managed to garner enough energy to catch a few rainbows before sitting down to dinner with our friends at the typical times of 10 PM (the sun was just setting).  The four star experience began with a wonderful meal and ample Chilean wine.  It did not stop until we left Chaiten one week later.

The fishing is legendary; the most striking difference is not only the size of the fish but the incredible variety -- trout, salmon, steelhead, streamers, dry flies, lakes, rivers, streams.  However. the outrageously beautiful and primitive surroundings often made you unaware of the quality of the fishing.  Something you have to reflect on long after leaving.  My wife and I are also part time hikers and backpackers.  We took advantage of day hikes in Pumalin National Park and the Yelcho Glacier.  With the exception of our guide we were completely alone in some of the most spectacular beauty on the planet.  We barely touched the experience in one week.  I expected to see a dinosaur." 



"I have taken three trips to your lodges at Rio Yelcho and Lago Yelcho and each trip has surpassed the others.  I fins the fishing to be getting better each year with huge Browns lurking in the river and tremendous Rainbows in the lake.  Watching a 10 pound Rainbow taking a dry fly is truly an amazing experience.  The scenery is breathtaking and the fishing superb.  This watershed is truly spectacular."


"Exceptional meals and wines and a genuine warmth, unlimited generosity and gracious comradeship offered by Patricio, his very able assistant guide, Polo and the warm and affectionate cook Mira.  -- The big Brown thrashed on the surface, and Nicholas grabbed the net.  He swiped twice, but to my anguished cry, the fish surged and was gone.  This fish was a yard long, bigger than the net and with a massive head.  Patricio estimated it went 15 to 17 lbs.  My fishing room at home is filled with photos of large fish.  Yet it is the fish that 'got away' that I remember more than the ones landed and photographed.  The memory of that remarkable Brown defines why I fish --- there is endless magic and mystery that keeps me coming back for more".


"The lodge is phenomenal and so is the fishing and your staff.  There is no question that I would like to go back with a group!!!"


"Amazing!  What a wonderful lodge you have!  If I was a travel writer for CONDE NAST or TRAVEL AND LEISURE I would have said I found a hidden jewel.  Brandon and I are used to traveling first class and I have to say at first I was a bit apprehensive but you blew me away.  The lodge staff and service -- spectacular, first class!  Patricio deserves a medal for making Brandon's trip wonderful and trying to teach me to fly fish at the same time.  His English was exceptional --- his level of service beyond our wildest dreams.  With Brandon being a chef and owning a restaurant, we were not sure what to expect when it came to cuisine.  We have very discerning tastes and like good food and wine.  Myrta was adorable and she is truly a wonderful cook!  We thought her cuisines were some of the best we had in Chile.  Absolutely tantalizing!  As someone who specializes in marketing for the past 20 years, I think it would be wonderful for you to market to the USA audience a bit more aggressively.  Travel articles alone in top USA papers would increase your business ten fold.  If you ever want help or brain storm let me know.  Marketing is my specialty.  I currently work for Clint Eastwood marketing Telhama, his real estate development in Carmel.  But over my career, I have worked for Nissan, Infinity, Conrad Hilton, Sheraton, The Sultan of Brunei (for the Beverly Hills Hotel), etc.  


"We had a marvelous time at PUMA LODGE and loved the area.  Again thank you for the great hospitality --- by the way PUMA LODGE is the best run lodge we have ever stayed in.  The attention to detail in the bedrooms, the fireplace burning when we arrived from fishing, the hot tub waiting and the flexibility of the guides wanting to please your every wish made it a most memorable and unique experience".


"Thanks for your hospitality during my 5 days at EL PUMA LODGE.  I really enjoyed the fishing and the facilities and as we have commented I  would like to bring a couple of groups (next year)".


"Enclosed you'll find the pictures of Chinook I caught -- it was a great experience.  Thanks again for your hard work and a great trip"




"The fishing was good;  we had 30 fish days.  The highlights of the trip for me were the setting, the food and the gracious hospitality and comfortable accommodations.  The food was the best that I have ever had at a lodge.  Your staff was unfailing polite and helpful.  I got such a sense of peace and relaxation at the lodge with it's beautiful setting and with the sounds of glaciers breaking after the rainstorm of the night before.  I especially enjoyed the fact that there are no cars or traffic that can go by and disrupt the tranquility and ambiance of the experience".



"Trout? Yes, but not as we know it --- Aquatic pigs that snaffle Patagonian dragon flies is nearer the mark.  Actually it is almost making the trip merely to eat aboard the PUMA.  I was fishing with a light Salmon reel packed to the brim with extra backing and I watched every last inch of it zip out with the first run along the shore.  This fish was wild as the wind;  it was rising when we spotted it and it rose to the dry fly.  I gripped my prize in the water before letting it go as if it were a bar of 24  carat gold.  Half an hour later my knee caps were still wobbling from the adrenalin!"



"Juan Carlos Edwards is an excellent host and extremely accommodating and he runs a fine operation.  We do not hesitate to recommend PUMA FISHING to those looking for large trout in a beautiful spot in the world".


"The lodge and service are as fine as any I have ever been to.  The only place I know of to routinely have a chance at true trophy trout on a dry fly.  RE:  LAGO NEGRO - Absolutely the best dry fly fishing I have ever experience and I have done a lot of fishing in my 80 years!  The food is amazing!  The PUMA is exceptional for the physically impaired and the elderly fisherperson who can't or no longer wishes to wade and hike - but I am not there yet".



RE:  LAGO NEGRO - "The best day of fishing I have ever had"



RE:  LAGO NEGRO - "Unbelievable, in 32 straight casts I either hooked a fish or missed one"



"It is like going to a four star resort and for dessert you get to catch trophy trout"